Changing lives for 50 Years

Nexus Recovery is celebrating 50 years by asking 50 people or organizations to gift $50,000

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Empowering women for 50 years

Since 1971, the Nexus Recovery team has walked with women and mothers along the path to recovery from substance abuse disorders. We not only treat each client’s substance abuse issues, we also use evidence-based modalities to provide a full continuum of care that addresses the underlying issues that lead to substance abuse and create a risk of relapse.

As one of the only residential treatment centers in the state to admit pregnant women and women with young children into treatment, Nexus is the only option for many mothers seeking to start a new future for their children.

Message from the Co-Chairs

Carolyn Waghorne

I was introduced to Nexus in 1996, and I have had a growing passion for this life-changing organization ever since. The reason I became involved is because my family has faced some addiction issues, and I understand the importance of having access to effective treatment and recovery. I love that Nexus offers hope to women and children whose lives are interrupted by addiction. These women lack the resources to turn their lives around on their own, but thanks to Nexus, first class treatment is available for them at no charge. The beauty of Nexus is that we offer women a safe place to focus on changing their future, which will help create a brighter future for their children as well. Nexus is able to offer this “free” help because of many generous donations. Admittedly, this 50 for 50 campaign is going to be quite a challenge, but I whole-heartedly support this campaign and believe in the generosity of compassionate donors. A successful campaign will translate into many future Nexus success stories, and that will be a rewarding outcome for everyone involved.

Jan Madigan

At age 21, I realized that my mom's life had become unmanageable because of her drinking. Eight years later, my mom entered a 30-day treatment program that changed her life and our family forever. My mom had found a place of hope and recovery. It became clear that my destiny was to work with and for the recovering community from that time forward. After participating in a family program with my husband who also suffered from the disease of alcoholism, I learned much more about the disease and the possibilities for those who are fortunate enough to receive help finding their way back to a productive and healthy life. Fifteen years ago, I was introduced to Becca Crowell and Nexus Recovery Center. Since then, Nexus has had my heart. At Nexus, women and their children who see no hope for a better future are surrounded with love, counseling, and the miracle that comes from an exceptional recovery program all at no cost to them. I have a desire to see more women find their place of hope and recovery, and I believe we can make that happen; one gift, one woman and one family at a time.

How can you get involved?

Your commitment is an investment in the future of Nexus and the work we do.


Nexus takes safety and privacy very seriously. Our secured campus provides women with a safe environment for focusing on treatment and sobriety without worrying about childcare or the welfare of their children. We offer protection for women who have turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with domestic violence or abusive relationships. Women can leave that dreadful lifestyle behind and direct their full and honest attention to achieving sobriety. The clients served by Nexus can rest assured that all medical information is kept confidential, because we understand the unfortunate stigma that can sometimes follow people who admitted they need help. We want to protect the brave women who have overcome addiction, and we believe our clients’ courageous stories are solely theirs to tell.


Successful long-term recovery must include community. Nexus is a community of dedicated staff members, many in recovery themselves, working hard to give back the gift of sobriety that they were given. This is no easy task, but Nexus stands firm in the belief that all clients and workers at Nexus deserve nothing but the best. We must offer market competitive wages and good healthcare plans, including access to mental health services for all of our employees. Our valuable staff members should never have to choose between their passion for serving women and children and/or taking care of their own families. We understand that taking excellent care of the Nexus community is vital if we are to remain a strong, successful organization for years to come.


One in four clients admitted to Nexus are dealing with homelessness. Many others are in need of food and clothing. Reaching out and asking for help requires an amazing amount of humility for these struggling women. Nexus strives to meet these requests with dignity by providing comfort, new clothing, toiletries, three daily meals, and a safe place for them to live and recover. As these ladies receive these basic needs, they tend to feel a sense of normalcy, safety, and worth. Treating these ladies with dignity establishes the foundation for them to begin their journey toward restoration and recovery.

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